The Lada Leasing Company has been in the car leasing and sales business for over 5 years. The collective of our managers is young and progressive thus enabling our clients to get the advantages to cooperate with us. Moreover, we are pleased to reaffirm that we are wearing the latest technologies and improving the quality of services provided.

Over the years, our company had improved the vehicle fleet including luxury cars, trucks, SUV, family vehicles and more, and had opened the branches in a few key cities like New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. We also consider that the most important thing that we achieved recognition and create the client’s confidence during the period of our professional activity.

The company has a significant number of regular clients including some respected and eminent persons. Thus, we can assert that we are creating one of the best campaigns we have ever designed in the car leasing industry to provide you the best new car deals.

Car Leasing Services

In recent years, the car dealership is a quite popular service among modern people who are accustomed to comfort at any circumstances. Those people who are not used to be in moving when came to another city often refer to us to book leasing services.

Leasing is the financial convenient instrument that makes the procurement process to acquire a vehicle or another expensive equipment simple and elegant. Being a client, you should provide an advance while the remainder is evenly divided between the shares and should to be paid monthly over the contractual period (vary between 1 and 3 years in general). The vehicle comes to be within the possession of the client usually when the purchase price is paid in full.

Namely, this fact compares the lease luxury cars, trucks, SUV, family vehicles and more favorably with the regular car rent. Moreover, the ability to get the car at once, after paying a small percentage of the total amount enables the entrepreneurs to save the floating assets on their accounts.

The Lada Leasing Company offers the car dealership services in order to lease a vehicle on the basis outlined. The clients of our Company are able to pick one of the pre-made options that allow every entrepreneur to select those conditions that are optimally suited for the individual business. Furthermore, we have the right to conclude the direct agreements with the car manufacturers, thus giving us an ability to offer maximally advantageous prices for vehicles to lease.

The vehicle leasing is an integrated package of services that is equipped with the financing of the purchase of a car as well as to offer a significant number of services, for instance, registration exercise and insurance with a help of the leasing company. Additionally, extra services like fuel cards, loan vehicles (in the case of road accident), and repairs can be added to the number of payments.

In the case of the road accident, the leasing company will hold the vast majority of issues related to the disputes within the insurance while leasing a vehicle. By the way, this fact can be advantageous aiming at the more rapid consideration of the case by the insurance company based on a trustful collaboration between two of these companies.

The Core of Our Business

We are happy to inform you that we grant a high-quality service for our clients. Our company also has a large vehicle fleet equipped with modern cars. The pricing policy is quite loyal since we have a significant number of loyalty programs as well as special offers for our regular clients.

Additionally, the client receives the full range of services related to the car leasing that we accomplish in a few key cities like New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The client is able to set up an extra complete vehicle set upon the request.

Be careful while reading and singing the agreements in order to read each relevant section of an agreement. The client is enabled to consult with literate and trusted legal experts before the leasing procedure by addressing to Lada Leasing Company. And remember, that leasing provided by the trustworthy car dealer company is the most credible financial instrument for the business development as well as for solving personal issues like buying a car.

Car Leasing Procedure

The first step you need is to consult an auto-center specialist in order to get the full base of information for the topic of interest. Next, you should select the conditions of the leasing agreement with the expert according to your wishes.

The second step would be to issue a request to new car lease deals and prepare the minimum document package (the list of documents you can be obtained from the leasing expert).

The following thing is to enter into a contract with a car dealer company, to contribute the insurance premium, and paid the car price in advance.

Congrats! Now you can pick up your vehicle at one of the offices of Lada Leasing Company located in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

If you have some problems or questions, see the Support section or contact our managers on the contacts list.